Support Clang on Windows - Done, available since LLVM 14

We helped develop the necessary changes to make LLVM's LLD linker emit the information that is needed by Live++. Similarly, we want to help with developing the needed changes to make Clang on Windows output missing information into an executable's PDB.

Networked multi-process editing - Done, available since Live++ 2.0.0

We would like to introduce a new, general Live++ hub application that acts as a server and allows multiple machines to connect to it. This will allow us to support hot-reloading code over the network on multiple machines, running multiple different processes.

Console support - Done, available since Live++ 2.5.0

With the introduction of the Live++ Broker, we want to add support for Xbox Series X|S® and PlayStation®5, allowing simultaneous code hot-reload on different platforms.

Hook contexts

When using pre- and post-patch hooks for serializing C++ objects and migrating between data layouts, it would be beneficial to know which types had their data layout changed, and which types are still compatible with their old data layout. We plan to pass extra context information to these hooks, so users of the API can decide what to do in these cases.

Support for other operating systems

We plan on looking into supporting other operating systems such as Linux.

Support for other languages

Since Live++ works on a binary level, it is possible to support other languages such as Rust and Zig as well, provided that the required information is available in the PDB.