C & C++ hot-reload/live coding

Live++® 2 - more than 'just' Hot-Reload:

Hot-Reload. Hot-Restart. Hot-Fix. Hot-Deoptimize.

The next generation of the industry-standard tool for Windows & C++.

Live++ enables hot-reload for C & C++ applications, combining the power of rapid iteration with the speed of a compiled language. It compiles your changes in the background, directly patching the machine code of the running executable. It works with any kind of C & C++ code and requires neither plug-ins nor a debugger or IDE.

Start your application from anywhere, modify its source code using your favourite editor, and let Live++ do the rest.

Whether you're working on new features, trying out gameplay mechanics, optimizing code, or fixing bugs, Live++ will massively cut down your iteration times. It reliably works with both debug and optimized builds, supports multi-process and networked editing, and does not care about your build setup.

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