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Live++ 1.6.1 released!
We are proud to announce the latest release of Live++, version 1.6.1.
Direct download link

Following are the release notes:
  • Bugfix: changes applied to source files before loading the corresponding module in Live++ were not tracked correctly
  • Bugfix: certain relocations to symbols in anonymous namespace were not patched correctly
  • Bugfix: potential crash in external build system mode when adding new compilands
  • Bugfix: potential crash due to null pointer access
  • Bugfix: forcing local file when both local and remote files are stored in compiland dependencies when using Clang
  • Feature: dedicated FASTBuild support, i.e. compilation databases and dependencies can be directly read from FASTBuild .fdb database files
  • Feature: changed naming of Live++ patches in order to help external tools such as Superluminal Profiler find symbols for patches
  • Feature: improved logs when automating the Visual Studio debugger
  • Feature: added timeout setting for prewarming the compiler and linker environments

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