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Possible to revoke license from one machine and use on another?

First off thanks as always for this awesome tool, truly the best and most complete solution I have seen for live hotloading C++ code, especially in complex projects. Really love it.

This is something that has come up a few times for me when traveling for work (I'm a freelance programmer so I pay for my own license), and I forget to deactivate the license on my home PC so that I can use it from my laptop. Do you think this could be something possible to do in the licensing system? Like for example, I could log in to a portal and revoke the license from my home PC and assign it to my laptop afterward. Or perhaps there is a way to do it without needing a portal, maybe by password but I haven't really thought it through. But it does leave me missing my live coding ways for an unfortunate couple of days here and there. Smile

Hi Rich,

Thank you very much for the detailed feedback, appreciate it.
I agree with you regarding the licensing system. The current situation with non-floating licenses is certainly not optimal and needs to be improved.

We plan to improve both the subscription side of things (e.g. by moving to a different payment system that can handle recurring payments/subscriptions) as well as the licensing system itself. Our plan would be to provide a customer portal where users can keep track of licenses and manually manage them.

We are currently working hard on getting Live++ 2.0 out the door, which comes with a lot of quality of life improvements for everybody. Improving the licensing situation comes right after that, seeing that it will be needed for managing Live++ subscriptions on several platforms.

Again, I appreciate your feedback!

Sounds great, and really looking forward to seeing 2.0!

Thanks as always,
Thanks for sharing more info

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