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Live++ 1.6.0 released! - Stefan Reinalter - 07-20-2020

We are proud to announce the latest release of Live++, version 1.6.0.
Direct download link

Following are the release notes:
  • Roadmap feature: support for Clang
  • Bugfix: recompiling files that manually set a different entry point using #pragma comment
  • Bugfix: forcing DIA interfaces to be created using the msdia140.dll that ships with Live++
  • Bugfix: public API header now compiles cleanly under Clang with -Wall
  • Bugfix: potential out-of-bounds access when gathering dynamic initializers
  • Bugfix: improved handling of symbols containing filename hashes when amalgamation splitting is used
  • Feature: extra error handling and safety nets when automating Visual Studio using COM
  • Feature: GUI item that allows to trigger recompiles in cases where the keyboard shortcut isn't recognized (e.g. when connecting via OS X remotely)
  • Feature: optimized enumeration of files
  • Feature: upgraded to xxhash version 0.7.3
  • Feature: added versioning information inside of version.txt to deployments
  • Feature: ignoring JustMyCode symbols and sections during reconstruction and when patching relocations
The most prominent new feature is support for the Clang compiler.

While Live++ is already being used with Clang by a few select customers, the relevant Clang patches have not landed in the main branch yet. For those building their own version of Clang, the relevant Clang patch diffs are available here:

The patches were kindly implemented by Alexandre Ganea from Ubisoft Montreal's Technology Group. Thank you Alex!

We are already working on the next version and have big news in store that we cannot wait to share with you!